Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throwback Thursday | RIP iPod Classic

So I just saw the boy; main character was playing his iPod in one of ONE OK ROCK's latest music videos and man, I miss mine so much. That's Danny, by the way. It was supposed Danny's 10th birthday this year but I haven't been able to turn it on since last year I actually. 

Honestly, I do miss the days when I can just turn off the phone and listen to music all day while sketching in the studio; trying to sketch is more likely.

Stand out and fit in. Don't lose yourself along the way. You do you and don't let anybody else tells you any different.

Like LINKIN PARK, ONE OK ROCK is another band that I want to grow old with. Well, BTS too for that matter. God, I hope BTS still makes sense when I'm 50. Is that too much to ask? The way RM, Suga and J-Hope make their music is surely going to bring them even further. Are you excited for their comeback?

Signing out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wordless Wednesday | Like Traveling Back in Time

Lighthouse in Croatia |Source

Monday, March 18, 2019

Motivational Monday | First Impression

I'm pretty sure that you guys must've those moments when you are terribly misunderstood the first time you're meeting someone and that just sets the tone of your interactions for the rest of the meeting and maybe the next few days or months even years after that. But of course, things will be different once you and the person breaks the wall and get to know each other better. 

First impression lasts forever so think about it.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Favourite Friday | Colour

Shirren Lim | at the crossroads ii: disruptions. Shinjuku

At this point, you guys probably have already been noticing that I'm into monochromatic black and white with the accents of grey being the ultimate shades of colour that I love the most. I find it weird when people ask or joke about whether I've read 50 Shades of Grey or not though.

... you might say that I picked this thing up while I was in architecture school. True! I've always love one colour at a time; pink for most of my childhood, orange when I was 16 and purple for most of my twenties but throughout my days back in studio, I wear black; tops, bottoms, bags, with white-coloured shoes, accessories, etc. for most of the time. Now that I'm entering my 30s, I prefer wearing dusty, muted colours over bright ones especially dusty pinks and purples but this year I've also started collecting wearables in turquoise and teals! I've started loving these two colours ever since I watched Black Butler anime several years ago and I just got some tops and makeup with these colours and boy, they're so pretty!

When it comes to huge purchases like cars, gadgets, etc., I'm pretty sure you guys can relate to having difficulty to choose the colour for them; between what's trendy and your ultimate favourite colour because I'll be honest, I only change my smartphone every 2 years being DiGi Postpaid user since 2008. Given the limited choice of free iPhone that comes with my high monthly plan, I went with white iPhone 2G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S, rose gold for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Plus (decided to step back from iPhone 8 or X as the brand discontinued rose gold devices beginning 2018) so finally after 10 years of being loyal to Apple, I've got myself  an Android smartphone. Guess what's the colour?

I'll see you guys on my next post! Take care!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throwback Thursday | A Cup of Matcha With...

I know lots of people bond over so many different things like books, cars, drinks and for me, it's a cup of matcha. I know some of you might say, not coffee? Well, it's not that I haven't tried going out with some people and bond over cups of coffee but maybe because there are so many reasons why I love matcha; the fact that I always fancy traditional Japanese culture like tea ceremony, flower arrangements even kendo! 

I once picked up a tip from Korean actress that she drinks hibiscus teas to avoid her face being puffy or bloating in the morning but hibiscus tea is a bit hard to get for me compared to Japanese green tea but of course I'd like to indulge myself in it sometime. Maybe a quick trip to Chinese herbal store down at the Gaya Street during the weekend perhaps.

... but this is a throwback post! Almost forgot! So yeah, the above is one of the firsts green tea latte that I had at October Coffee and if I remember well, it was at the Latitud 6 branch. The thing is, everything was pleasant about that cup of latte except that it reminds me of someone that I haven't seen for over a year and actually quite disappointed that the person messed up so much that I had no choice other than to cut ties as friends. 

I haven't been to the cafe since then although I feel a year over would have sufficed to somewhat neutralise the location so I can go and have another cup of the delicious green tea latte at that cafe. Maybe in October?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wordless Wednesday | The Path I Want to Take

Northern Iceland | Credit: Getty Images

Monday, March 4, 2019

Local Delights at Brunei Satay House, Indah Permai, Kota Kinabalu

Last Saturday was fun as I personally got invited to a local restaurant serving some interesting masakan panas but I'd say people definitely come to this place for their own-prepped-and-smoked satay but that's not all! They're serving ambuyat; local dish made off sago and it's the most popular delicacies mainly among Bruneian Malays but we Bajaus (granted, I'm somehow mixed with a little bit Bruneian and Sarawakian) love it, too! 

Before we go to the dishes, let's go into some more details on this place first!

The restaurant is located at Bangunan Kedai Indah Permai, alongside the Jalan Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu. The place was easy to spot from the road with their huge signboard outside the restaurant but if you're loyal Grab rider like me then you can just type in the restaurant's name and your driver should be able to drop you right at the front door. 


The place is like an average-looking local family restaurant with a small counter at the front where the restaurant display their Beaufort-sourced kelupis and kochung; local delicacies made off glutinous rice. You can just get some of these and go without having to sit inside the restaurant while waiting.


The staffs were friendly and the tables were cleaned as soon as the customer left to make payments at the counter. Going cashless? Not to worry as you can clear your bill via Malaysia's top e-Wallets right from your smartphones.

Now, let's go to these yummy delights!

Of course, Brunei Satay House's signature satay! They have chicken, red meat, lamb even beef intestine served with sweet and a little bit spicy peanut sauce. I'd prefer for it to be spicier but that's just me and probably the rest of my fam bam. :D The perks of getting used to my aunt's oldest peanut sauce recipe.


Satay Set B with chicken and meat satays, nasi impit, onions, cucumber and fries on the side!

Unlike most places that also serving satays, Brunei Satay House added deep-fried fries to their Satay sets which is nice especially on those nights you decided to hangout with your friends and family as this place opens till 10.00pm!


As I've mentioned above, the place serves kelupis, local dish made off steamed plain glutinous rice that I'd prefer to dip into the peanut sauce and as for the kochungs, those were already with chicken/peanut fillings so it's okay to just have them on their own; yes, I doubt you're gonna just eat one.

There are various of food selections at this restaurant and here are among the most popular dishes!


Nasi Butter Chicken BSH and Nasi Kambing Hitam Berapi

The butter chicken was juicy and so buttery; I loved it! Even better, it's served with chicken satay so that's different texture! If you're craving for some lamb meat then the Nasi Kambing Hitam Berapi is for you and be careful though! It's kind of spicy!


Nasi Kuning Ayam Madu and Nasi Ayam Penyet.

You guys know I don't eat red meats so these are the ones that I'd go to! Both of these are delicious especially with the sambal! The chicken were nice, tender and so savoury.

If you're big on fish soups like me, not to worry! The place is serving fish soups and boy, I can't get enough of this. There were cutlets of deep-fried fish in it which makes it even tastier.


Fancy some over-the-top beverages? They have lots of choices and the above iced Milo sprinkled with Milo powder and colourful chocolate rice are just some of the choices!

Now, onto the dish that we were anticipating for the most; the ambuyat!

The above is for 2 to 3 person and the price is just so affordable at merely RM12.90 per set! Comes with limed-chillies, broiled plain vegetables, vegetable dish, ikan basung ampap and of course, the watery gravy from the ikan ampap which is the essential dip sauce for the almost tasteless ambuyat itself and not forgetting the candas; made off coconut tree leaves' stick, folded into some sort of fork for you to pick up and toll the ambuyat with before dipping it into the fish gravy and into your mouth! Don't forget to say bismillah~


 How to use candas, demonstrated by yours truly. 

With Mr. Ag. Shahril Ag. Ali (first on the left), owner of Brunei Satay House and my fellow #SabahanBlogger and social media enthusiasts (from right) Jun (@jun.zie), Lan (@curiostraveller), Joe (@joehairie), Yatie (@yatieowner), Linda (@lindacalista80), Liza (@lizaaryannazaara), myself, Mia (@miakassim) and Yazid (@yazidizzat). You guys can find the links to their blogs on the sidebar. 

I guess that's all from me! Thank you so much to Brunei Satay House for having us as it was such a pleasure discovering (at least to me!) not just another restaurant as you have been carrying the legacy; part of our culture in terms of food and delicacies. I'd sure love to bring my friends and family for a quick visit down to a memory lane of eating ambuyat back when we were little. To you guys out there who love (re)discovering our local delights, make sure to check out this place! More details on the place below.

Signing out!

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Motivational Monday | There's So Much More Indeed

Although the first time I've heard this quote is from Transformers. I know, I'm quoting Optimus Prime. Granted that the franchise is my all-time favourite movie franchise but to me, there's so much sentimental value to the movies; especially the second one as it was the last movie that I've watched with my brother; just the two of us before we had a fall out back in 2008 and of course we've made up to each other but he's married now with 2 kids, the older one is having the war of his 7-years-life with me when it comes to Netflix.

So, let's go back to the quote. These days, I feel like I'm quick to judge people by their appearances. Their clothes, their gadgets, their vocabularies, the way they express themselves, etc probably because it's my line of work but I feel like I want to just rush into closing deals and somehow forgot that there are people who put 'second layer' to human characters to a higher priority in choosing the people they want to indulge, doing business with , etc. Well, at some point you can just fake all these things; as if there's a shield in front of you for people to judge you, be it a social media account, a car, a smartphone; anything that you can project all the things you want people to perceive, a worldly thing that just says it all about you. Sure, that probably work in a short amount of time and you're lucky if you could close the deal within that time frame but how about a much more important things like relationship between family members, married couples even colleagues?

How do you move from "we're just living together temporarily" or "we're on casual date" or "I'm going to work here for merely 6 months tops" to a much more permanent I'd say, stage of relationship? Like you used to be friends merely on social media and all of a sudden you moved to being friends in real life?

I know lots of you would say, why not being genuine right from the start? Of course, I'm all for that but what would you do if you didn't?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Grand Opening | JOOX Cafe, Plaza 333

Just last week, I've talked about the first event that I'd be attending which happened earlier today; the Grand Opening of JOOX Cafe at Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre right here in Penampang which is merely RM5-worth Grab trip from my place so you guys know what this means. Do come back for more posts on Cafe Hopping in near future! Now, let's get right into it!

The owners and crews posing with the Lion and Dragon Dancers.
Congratulations on your grand opening!

Although the event was scheduled to kick-off at 10am with the Lion and Dragon Dance troupe to arrive around that time, seemed that the crews were still setting up the event area and I arrived just a little after that. My fellow blogger chingu, Sakura (@skhelyt) who arrived earlier were waiting nearby so we just head right into the cafe to snap some photos of the interior for you guys to see and then I decided to order some beverages and desserts while waiting for other media friends to arrive. 

Clockwise: Chocolate Cheese, Oreo Cheese and Tiramisu Cheese.
These are the delicious Cow Dung Tarts by Haijoox CowDung Tart available at the cafe.

The Lion and Dragon Dance performance started around 11am and it was actually the first time I've witness such performance; with those tall poles! 

As you guys know, Lion and Dragon dance is usually performed on auspicious occasions i.e. opening of the businesses which is believed to bring good luck and fortune especially to businesses owned by Chinese. 


As seen on the above photo (left), the owners posing with fruits given by the Lion dancers that symbolises the passing of good fortune and as we're all still on Chinese New Year mode, there's also the appearance of Choy San Yeh or God of Prosperity. Kids seems had a lot of fun with this guy going around passing and taking back the gold bar plush toy. 

As I look around the cafe; seeing these guys working happily, I've got to say that it's pretty nice to work in such environment. The kind of environment that I want to indulge in after work; to unwind after a long day at the office with a cup of coffee and maybe some desserts!

The crews on duty. Even with the event going on and whatnot, our orders arrived shortly after we've made to our seats.

Such pretty lanterns!

The mini Cow Dung Tarts were served among the light refreshments! So cute!

Playing around with balloons before the event started. :D

I bet we're not the only ones that are guilty of taking too many selfies in this Instagram-worthy cafe. The lightings were nice with little sunshine beaming through the large aquarium-like windows. Noticed that brownies floating on that beverage? It's the Cheese Matcha Latte and I'm in love with the taste! Seems that Sakura was enjoying her Cheese Coffee! Oh, from now till 15th February, get a free Cheese Milk Tea or Cheese Coffee when you spend RM30 and above!

Overall, the event was nice and we; bloggers and social media enthusiasts alike surely had lots of fun and boy, did we get high on desserts? I guess that's all from me and do let me know your thoughts by leaving comments down below!

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P.S.: I'm going back to the regular Blogger Comment Section as seen below so you only need to have Google Account to leave your comments. 

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Happening | JOOX Cafe Grand Opening

Hey, guys! Enjoying your Chinese New Year holiday so far? I'm here, just came back from outing with my girlfriends and while I was on my way back to my place, I've received an invitation to this event; my first event for this month  which will be the Grand Opening for JOOX Cafe, currently located at Plaza 333.

But that's not all as there's gonna be Lion and Dragon dance performances as we're still on Lunar New Year mode.

Also, do check out their Grand Opening promotion and I'll see you guys there next week!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chinese New Year Offerings at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu introduced its selections of festive offerings featuring delectable spread of buffets, prosperity Yee Sang, Dim Sum buffets and sweet Chinese New Year goodies.

Cakes, cookies and not forgetting, Nian Gao! Way to adhere to old and new traditions!

Welcome the auspicious New Year with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu three delicious varieties of Yee Sang and Chinese New Year treats, available for purchase at Mosaic starting from 22 January 2019.

Executive Sous Chef, Chef Adrian Chong (fourth from right) and his team has crafted exquisite mouth-watering Chinese New Year-themed buffet from 4 February to 6 February 2019 at Tanjung Ria Kitchen, so diners can sit and reconnect with friends and family.

Savour an authentic taste of the New Year with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu 8-course Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner at The Residence from 22 January to 19 February 2019 featuring hybrid garoupa with Chef soy sauce, butter prawn or prawn mayonnaise, steam corn-fed chicken and roast duck, and fried rice with dried scallop.




Mayonnaise prawn

For diners who want to enjoy dim sum, Nagisa got it covered with their Chinese New Year Dim Sum Brunch Buffet available from 5 to 6 February 2019 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Now, onto the almost endless choices of luscious dishes at Tanjung Ria Kitchen buffet!


What a gorgeous spread, don't you think? But that's not all! Usher into the New Year with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu annual Lion Dance performance on 6 February 2019 at 8:00 am located at Parking Lot of Hyatt Regency Kinabalu.

I personally would appreciate when Hyatt Regency Kinabalu actually feature some traditional dish and desserts that usually are hard to prepare at home so let me know your thoughts by leaving comments down below. Until next post, eat lots of Mandarins, drink lots of water and take care!

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